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  • Kurbits hänge - Fluflu Handgjorda Smycken & Design
  • Kurbits hänge - Fluflu Handgjorda Smycken & Design
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Kurbits pendant

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Necklace with hand-sewn motifs of small, Japanese glass beads of the highest quality.
The heart is sewn from 812 small beads and is about 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm

The motif is durable, flexible and double-sided.
Choose the color of the loop that suits the chain you want the design on.

Contains real plants!

If the product contains plants, they are genuine, picked and dried by hand!

All our jewelry is allergy friendly!

Stainless steel: Keep in mind that it is not the amount of nickel in the item that determines whether you get an allergic reaction, but whether it can be released easily. In stainless steel products, the substance is so firmly attached to the steel that allergy sufferers are not affected.

Resin: The most problematic substance in most resins is BPA. That's why we use BPA-free resin!

100% handicraft from Dalarna!

All our products are made by hand in Äppelbo, Dalarna.