About us

I am Monika Bereta and come from Poland. I moved to Sweden in July 2012, met my partner a few years later and started a family in little Äppelbo.

In October 2016, we had our first child.

Together with Freya, an idea for my own company was born. Fluflu was originally a daughter's first nickname.

In April 2018, I started the company with the same name. Considering how much time I spend in the company, you can say that Fluflu became my second child.

The first plan was that I would make jewelry to order, offer as many choices as possible and allow customers to design their own products. There were supposed to be simple bracelets, earrings, necklaces ... While I was testing different materials, I discovered resin.

I have read a lot online to learn as much as possible about bottom material. I read in 3 different languages to be able to know everything before I buy all the things needed to work with it.

I have tested quite a lot before I started sending the first jewelry to customers, at the same time I tried to be as good as possible right from the start.

I have developed different drying methods for the plants to retain their colors, I have learned to work with resin in such a way that the jewelry stays nice for several years and the plants do not lose color even after a long time.

Right now I am working in my small workshop that shares a room with the shop in Äppelbo on our farm. The plan is to expand, move the workshop to larger rooms next door and leave the store separate.

So far, I have manufactured over 500 products and delivered them to over 300 satisfied customers throughout Sweden, Germany, Poland and Denmark! I intend to invest more in interior details that can continue to make you happy! Hope for your trust in selling news <3

If you have any thoughts, you can always contact me via email, sms, Facebook, Instagram or contact form.

Welcome to Fluflu! Hope to hear from you!

Our products

None of our products are produced in more than 50 pieces at the same time, which means that our jewelry helps you stand out from the crowd even more. It is possible to produce individual jewelry for a special order.

We are open to all ideas and questions! If you dream of some jewelry from our collection, but you do not really like color / shape / model - write to us! We will do everything to make one of our little joy spreader put a smile on your face ♥

Materials we use

Stainless steel

Very durable material,
does not discolour because
the steel does not oxidize,
a high and beautiful shine,
Often feels just
as luxurious as genuine
gold and silver jewelry.


Two-component epoxy resin,
does not yellow over time.

Acrylic mesh &
acrylic crystals
Glass beads
Japanese glass beads in the highest quality.