Care instructions

  • Do not store your jewelry in bathrooms or other areas where it can be damp,
  • Do not place the jewelry with others so that they rub against each other,
  • Avoid letting your jewelry come in contact with perfume, hair spray, all kinds of creams, makeup or the like. Wait until these products have dried properly in the skin before putting on the jewelry,
  • Do not shower or bathe with the jewelery on, avoid soaking it,
  • Take off your jewelery when you play sports or sleep.
Steel is a very good material for the manufacture of jewelry, durable and does not normally need to be polished. If steel parts have become dirty, it is excellent to wash with mild soap and rinse with water, then dry the jewelry dry. All other parts should not come into further contact with water.
If your jewelry should still break We want you as a customer to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you have problems with a product, contact us via or Facebook. Any return postage is paid by the customer.
Even if the damage has been caused by careless use, you are welcome to contact us. If we believe that it is easy to repair the damage, we do so at just shipping cost.